John Bredesen

I have worked in the IT world for over twenty-five years, most of those years in a management position. These positions have been at companies with revenue of tens of millions of dollars and companies with multi-billion dollar revenue. I have been part of IT teams with three people and hundreds of people. I’ve made mistakes, and I have learned.

Outside of IT, I worked in product development and product management for twelve years. This taught me about running a business. Also, I was a user of IT services. I highly recommend working outside of IT if you can pull it off. It gives you a different perspective on the business — a perspective that helps immensely when leading an IT department.

Over the years, I have learned from people in all disciplines, many smarter than me. I read in many fields of study outside IT and have applied what I have learned. Every person I meet has something I can learn and I actively seek it out from them.