Dear IT Director,
I have two employees that just don’t get along. One of them is always in my office complaining about the other one. I’ve tried patience, impatience, active, passive, etc. to no success. Help!
– Mystified in Missoula

Dear Mystified,
I think every leader gets into this position at some point in their career. You, my friend, are in a Drama Triangle, specifically, the rescuer. Not a really fun place to be. But maybe this will help.

It isn’t a quick fix thing, unfortunately. And I can’t summarize everything into a nice neat snippet for a blog post. Instead, I recommend listening to the following podcast episode. If you don’t know “No Stupid Questions”, it is a funny and informative podcast by Steven Dubner and Angela Duckworth. This episode also has a bonus discussion about rewards and motivation that may help also.

Good Luck Mystified,
The IT Director

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