The organization gives managers authority. Leaders earn influence with individuals.

Managers have formal authority. Leaders have informal personal influence.

A person can be a manager without trust of others. A person without trust of others can’t be a leader.

Managers cause action by directing. Leaders cause action by influencing.

If you are paying attention, you know who your leaders are. If you are lucky, some of them will want to become managers. If you are smart, you will help them grow into managers who are also leaders.

Watch to see who people pay attention to in meetings. Listen to the informal conversations to see who people listen to. See who is in the center of the action when the heat is on. Notice whose opinions spread.

Some will bring positivity. Some will bring out the best in others. Some will be inclusive. Those are your leaders.

To implement larger changes, you need both your leaders and your managers. It is easy to know the list of managers. It is harder to know who your leaders are.

Hopefully, all your managers will be leaders. Hopefully you know who your leaders are.

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